9 goals (and by goals I mean shenanigans) for Sundance


Movie star Shailene Woodley on the left, me on the right. We both have pretty big foreheads. Think I can fool someone?
{Photo credit of me: Marcus Jolly}

Tonight at 5 pm, I’m flying to the famed Sundance Fim Festival for my first time. I honestly have no idea of what to expect – especially since I’m not a movie star nor do I have a film in the festival – but that’s alright by me as I do not like to go into trips with expectations.

However, I do like to go in to experiences with a silly scavenger list of things I want to accomplish!

SO, here are 9 things I hope to do while at my first (of hopefully many) Sundance film festival:

#9: Be mistaken for a famous person. I’ve been told I vaguely resemble a less-hot Natalie Portman (we are both Jewish), or recently someone said I bear resemblance to teen star Shailene Woodley (photo comparison above). So basically I kind of look like girls with brown hair. But fingers crossed I punk someone and they ask for my autograph. BONUS POINTS if I make it into a trashy mag.

#8: See a film at SLAMDANCE. [This is already a shoe-in as I’ll be seeing a friend from New Brunswick’s documentary called ELLIOT.]

#7. See a “must-see” film. I’ve already got tickets to YOUNG ONES, so this one again is in the bag (however I’m eternally bummed I will not be one of the first to see THEY CAME TOGETHER).

#6. See a super weird film, not on anyone’s must-see list. Because this will probably be my only chance to ever see it!

#5. Become friends with a bartender at High West Whiskey (mainly because I’ll be back in August for a wedding and I want to get that shit on lock-down!)

#4. Pitch a random person a random movie idea.

#3. Go to the AIRBNB Haus. Because out of all the random corporate sponsored parties happening at Sundance, AIRBNB is definitely the company that “gets me” the most.

#2. Don’t be a douchebag (as Mark Duplass outlines here). I’m there to hang with friends and have a good time, not network.

#1. Meet Robert Redford (a girl can dream big, right?) and buy him a birthday shot for Sundance turning the big 3-0 (and if I’m feeling especially saucy, point out that Sundance and I were both “birthed” in the same year!).

I’ll report back on how much I actually accomplish, and if you are a Sundance vet and have any tips or tricks on how to rock Park City please share!

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  1. lewis bercovitch

    I showed this to one of the drivers and he guessed the movie star was on the right. Pretty cool. Have a great time. Love you!

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  2. Uncle Marvin

    Have fun in Utah. Rent skiis and enjoy the snow. Bring a sharpie to sign autographs. Practice your pose for the red carpet. I choose you any day of the week as the star in the photos up above. Try lichie Martinis if you have not already.

    Uncle Marvin

  3. Rachel

    Have the best time! I’m super jealous!!! Going to Sundance is totally on my bucket list. Are you there for work or play or both?


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