Thoughts on my Third Trimester of Pregnancy

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Preggo update: I am officially one day PAST my due date! I’m not worrying too much about it just yet (as I truly believe that it is an approximate date and we had also been told that April 30 was our due date at one point!), but since this baby could literally come at ANY moment, I wanted to share my thoughts on my third trimester of pregnancy before I’m really off in babyland:

1. Weird body things (they continue!): Sharp pains in my urethra that make you go “shit do I have a UTI!? No, it’s just my baby’s head somehow pinching my urethra”, swollen feet, “carpel tunnel” in my hands, and a BIG BELLY. For so much of my pregnancy I thought when am I going to get a really significant belly? Well it comes! If you are preggers and wondering the same thing – don’t you worry – it will come.

2. Joining the universal club of parenthood: Part of me feels a bit guilty that I get to join the club months before my husband (as it’s not easy for people to see that HE is pregnant), but once I became very visibly pregnant, it was like joining the world’s biggest club/community/cult. Granted this club isn’t very exclusive, it is a unifying factor none-the-less, and suddenly I had an “opening line” or “in” for ANY stranger I meet. I can literally talk to anyone, and everyone wants to talk to me. The city becomes a much friendlier place when you are pregnant!

3. EVERYONE wants to talk to you: This is just a re-iteration from #2. Especially when your belly is really big, seriously EVERYONE wants to talk to you. ANY line you wait in (grocery store, coffee shop, juice bar, etc) will lead to long conversations with strangers.

4. Worrying: Let me be clear, this is not worrying about labour. This is a significant shift from second trimester when I was all zenned out and just in awe of my pregnancy, to suddenly feeling like this baby is close to coming out and all I want is a healthy baby. When I told my sister all I can think about now is just hoping/praying for a healthy baby, she said “welcome to the world of parenting – where all you do is worry about your kids”.

You may remember that 6 weeks ago I couldn’t stop thinking about labour, so let’s just say that is the case right now TIMES A BILLION. But while we play this waiting game, we are going to try to soak up and enjoy these final moments of being a two-some, or even a one-some! I’m going to watch A League of Their Own in the middle of the day as a treat to myself, and with Chris this weekend we are going to attempt to go on some hot dates (ones that involve ice cream ideally).

And if you have any advice on how to wait out these last final days before our baby decides to arrive – please let me know!

8 Responses to “Thoughts on my Third Trimester of Pregnancy”

  1. Janine Kennedy

    You got this, girl. I was so worried about labour & it turned out to be so, so fine! Your body will know exactly what to do. Sending lots of positive vibes your way!

  2. Joanne

    Binge-watch “Parenthood” (the television series and/or movie), have a banana split at Glenburn Soda, go for long walks by yourself. Sending you lots of positive thoughts…!!!

    • lberco

      Thanks Joanne! I am definitely binge-watching TV (currently Shameless – which has lessons of how NOT to parent!), taking afternoon naps, and going for walks by myself. A trip to Glenburn Soda for a banana split is a GREAT suggestion! Cute date AND delicious 🙂

  3. Lisa phillips

    Although I lack personal pregnancy experience, from my studies I can tell you that positive energy will significantly help your labour- and you are one of the most positive people I have ever met!! Congrats Berco!

    • lberco

      Aw thanks Lisa!!!! Wait do you ever do nursing shifts at BC Women’s for labour and delivery!!?!??! If so, how do I up my chances that I get you as my nurse!?

  4. Deborah Marcom

    Binge watching Shameless is an excellent idea. That’s one of the best recommendations that Lindsay has ever made. Also….ice cream. Lots. And knowing that you are in good hands…enjoy every second.


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