An Unexpected, Totally Awesome Bi-Product of Becoming Parents


Before we had little G, we often spent weekends catching up on “life errands” that we didn’t get to during the week. We of course had fun too, but there was always a little bit of guilt from that nagging voice in the back of our heads saying “you have to get this adult thing done”. For example: laundry, going to the bank for endless bank things, grocery shopping, and the-most-hated-of-all, CLEANING.

But since becoming parents (and I am fortunate to be on maternity leave in the great country of Canada), I now aim to tackle all those boring tasks during the week, and weekends have become purely for one thing: ADVENTUREING!

Time together as a family feels precious, and having fun together is the top priority. And even if there is some boring adulthood task to get done, we are much better at realizing that it can always wait.

I knew parenthood would be filled with lots of heart-exploding love, but this commitment to living every weekend to the fullest has been truly an unexpected, delightful surprise.

So in that spirit, below are some snapshots of our adventure to Pender Island last weekend for Georgia’s first camping trip! Our wonderful pal Chris lent us his van for us to sleep in and we lived out our dream of being a hippy family. And the adventures continue as we head to Prince Edward Island tomorrow! I therefore won’t be able to host the weekly “Friday Afternoon You’re Killing It Dance Party!“, but they will start back up in the third week of August (as will my blog posts! And I promise to not only post about baby-related things).

Happy summer adventuring! And just one word of advice to the new Mamma’s out there: ALWAYS take your breast pump! (Huge thanks to the kind mamma who let me borrow hers on the ferry! Serious mom-solidarity.)


















3 Responses to “An Unexpected, Totally Awesome Bi-Product of Becoming Parents”

  1. Karen

    ALSO: spare batteries for the breastpump if you’re flying/don’t have access to an outlet. That was my rookie mistake last weekend.

  2. Krista Poole

    This is amazing. Enjoying parent-hood isn’t hard. The one thing I can say (especially since my kids are much older than yours) is you’ll never loose that fascination with them, no matter how old they become, or how many you decide to have. It’s amazing to watch your kids become, smarter, funnier (not just cute-funny but when they develop a sense of humour and are now intentionally funny) than you, and bigger than you-it’s mind blowing to say the least. Seeing their capabilities expand and grow is the best part-but also seeing yourself change and grow to adapt to your new found role. You’ll grow as much as she does. Enjoy every moment 🙂


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