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REmemorable Series: BOAT PARTY

A few months ago I pledged to go on more adventures in order to REMEMBER my life. So when a gang of a few dear friends wanted to do something out of the ordinary, but couldn’t get away from normal life for more than a day, we decided this could only mean one thing: BOAT… Read more »

What news sources do you read everyday?

As many people know, GOOGLE READER is dying on Monday. This has basically thrown my world upside down as it is where I check my news every single day, but it also has me thinking about WHAT news I read daily. I try to maintain a balance of global and local news, with a quality… Read more »

I went to Venice to find a birthplace.

I know I’m exactly one week late on this father’s day gift – and everyone has already posted their oldest, cutest photo on fbook and instagram with their pops – but this video took me a few days longer than expected to whip up! This year for Father’s Day, I am giving my dad possibly… Read more »

STOP “faking it”.

  So I just finished Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In (woohoo one “goal for the summer of Lauren” accomplished!), and the biggest take-away I had from the book was this: WE ARE ALL FAKERS AND DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT EXPERIENCE FOR A JOB. Let me explain. Sandberg brings up The Imposter Syndrome, which is basically when… Read more »

Oh Baby, Baby: A REAL Grown-Up Party

Last Sunday I had the incredible pleasure of co-hosting a genuine Grown-Up Party for a dear friend who is having a baby. With my wonderful co-host, Alex, we pulled some serious Martha Stewart/Pinterest worthy moves. Alex made little tea sandwiches in the shape of a pram, and I baked Martha’s pistachio-raspberry tea cakes (as pictured… Read more »

Goals for the summer (of Lauren!)

HOLY SHIT the sunshine, long nights and crowded patios are telling me it is summer, and I am currently working HALF TIME. And although working 25 hours instead of 50 hours a week may strain my bank account, this precious thing called TIME is hugely appreciated and will not be wasted. And as tempting as… Read more »

We’re BACK!

Hellooooooo Grown-Up Partyers! I am officially back from my month long European cheese-wine-foccacia-binge honeymoon! As a common result of world travel, I am so inspired by culture, history, people, and experiencing something new everyday that my mind is literally about to explode with crazy ideas/theories/observations I want to share, and I can’t wait to just… Read more »

Ciao Bellas!

You know that feeling before a trip when you are insanely excited, but it JUST DOESN’T FEEL REAL that you are actually going on it? You think it might sink in when you are on the plane, but leading up to it all you can think about is work, cleaning the house, and eating up… Read more »