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Prepare yourself for the parenthood cliche of the century: I can’t believe our baby is one and how fast this year went! I don’t care how many people warned us, it still baffles me how fast our tiny babe went from a ball of adorable mush to a hilarious jokester. And no blog post could… Read more »

3 Unexpected Ways Motherhood Has Changed Me

We just returned from an epic week in New York (celebrating THIS amazing film, and THIS amazing bride to be), and having not been there since pre-baby days, it was an amazing barometer to see how life has changed. (Mainly that we spend most of our times in parks now, and that we can still… Read more »

What’s the difference between a Squad and a Clique?

I feel like I am a little in the dark about a certain cultural happening right now. Maybe it’s because I’ve been seriously off in mamma-land for the past 10 months, or maybe it’s because I’m just lame, but can anyone tell me the difference between a squad/tribe/coven and a good old-fashion clique? When I… Read more »


“Life is amazing.  And then it’s awful.  And then it’s amazing again.  And in between the amazing and the awful it’s ordinary and mundane and routine.  Breathe in the amazing, hold through the awful, and relax and exhale during the ordinary.  That’s just living heartbreaking, soul-healing, amazing, awful, ordinary life.  And it’s breathtakingly beautiful.” –… Read more »

What the books don’t tell you about sleep training

SLEEEEEEP! It is every new-parents’ favourite topic. Really it is more than a casual topic, it’s an obsession. But rightly so, sleep is a big deal (and more so lack-of sleep is a huge deal, and actually even a form of torture). And I know there are endless arguments on both sides of the sleep-training… Read more »

The biggest lesson I learned in 2015

Ohhhhhhhhhh man 2015. I had the absolute greatest moment of my life (THIS), and one or two moments that might take the cake as the worst of my life (that I am not fully ready to share on the internet, but hopefully one day). Becoming a parent this year has taught me countless lessons. To… Read more »

It’s the best time of year again … A GOOD BOOK DRIVE!

It’s November, which means it is my FAVOURITE time of year – and not because of American Thanksgiving or Movember. November means it is A GOOD BOOK DRIVE! AGBD asks everyone to donate a new kids book you think every child should read. There are book drop locations across Vancouver (and Brooklyn!) for you to… Read more »