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Motherhood: Month 2

I am a little over 10 weeks into this motherhood thing and I still don’t know much, but I can say without a doubt that life changes every day. And there are three big things that I have come to realize in the past few weeks that I wish I had understood earlier, so I… Read more »

For my first-time father

My wise and inspiring pal Jill told me that after her son was born she expected to be overwhelmed by the love for her child, but what caught her off guard was the intense, deep love she felt for her husband. And I couldn’t agree more. Nothing could prepare me for the love I feel… Read more »

Paradigm Shift

If my first week of motherhood could be summed up by “ALL THE FEELINGS“, then the first month has been the following two words: Paradigm shift (or as Chris calls it, the “parentdigm shift”). Of course the first month was also filled with poop, heart-exploding love, spit up, staring at our baby for hours just… Read more »

Birth Day

3 weeks ago I gave birth to our baby girl. I love birth stories, and have looked forward to sharing mine, although I wanted to wait to share it until I could get through it without choking up. [That took a few weeks,  and once I was able to get through it without being a… Read more »


I still can’t believe the day is here that I am writing this blog post, but I am bursting at the seams with joy to share the news that I have a darling daughter, Miss Georgia Louise Kelly! There are a million things I want to write and I so badly wish I was a… Read more »

Thoughts on my Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Preggo update: I am officially one day PAST my due date! I’m not worrying too much about it just yet (as I truly believe that it is an approximate date and we had also been told that April 30 was our due date at one point!), but since this baby could literally come at ANY… Read more »

A “secret” to our relationship

  According to this New Yorker article, science shows that reading out loud is “good for children, E.S.L. students, and (in a way) dogs.” And psychologists agree – it’s good for non-ESL grown-ups in a relationship too! There are many understandable reasons reading a book out-loud is good for a relationship: you share a common… Read more »

The best reason to have a baby shower

Me and my baby are already super spoiled. I was thrown not one – but TWO – baby showers. One was in my hometown of San Francisco and put on by my beautiful sisters and one-of-my-mothers Joan, and the second was held in my now-hometown of Vancouver and put on by dear friends. And although… Read more »

Mentally preparing for labour!

PREGGO UPDATE! I am currently 6 weeks away from my due date. On one hand that feels like a million years, but on the other hand I seriously feel like the baby could come at any moment. Which really means that my mind has shifted from the blissed-out-zen-state-of-being I felt in 2nd trimester, to my… Read more »