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Life Lessons from Set

A couple weeks ago I was producing/shooting a web series in LA. A week-long shoot at any moment can be tiring, so doing it at 7 months pregnant (AND with a serious sinus cold) was almost bat-shit crazy. But luckily I was there with the best team in the world, and working with great people… Read more »

Signs that I’m Becoming Exactly Like My Mother

Today is my stunning Mother’s birthday. In honour of her and her awesomeness, I am ready to admit that in certain ways, I am becoming exactly like her. For example: 1. I am regularly wearing my housecoat half-on, half-off. 2. I get angry at television shows or movies for certain plot lines and argue why… Read more »

Equal Relationships + Sex

The other day a dear guy friend of mine and I started talking about long term relationships and sex (editor’s note: to my father who reads my blog – you can stop reading now!). My dear pal mentioned that in a recent relationship he believes he was too passive. At the time he felt he… Read more »

Thoughts on the 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy

I cannot believe I am writing this (and I equally can’t believe I’m posting bump photos taken with my iphone – I promised myself I would never do that! But oh well.), but this week marks the beginning of my THIRD trimester of preggo-ness. I can’t accurately convey how quickly it is all going. But… Read more »

Treat Your Career like a Bad Boyfriend

I’ve been thinking a lot about careers and work lately as Chris makes a big life leap and I gear up for maternity leave. And when it comes to “career”, I’ve always felt that 99% of motivational job advice/inspirational sayings/positive affirmations are ineffective because of the following 2 reasons: 1. THEY FOSTER MORE PRESSURE: We… Read more »

Parenting Advice I’ve received…FROM NEW DADS

When we first announced we were preggo I assumed all the advice would flood my way from moms, but in fact it was new dads that reached out the most! And I am so thankful they did. Their candid and honest thoughts have made me feel a million times better about potentially messing up my… Read more »

ISLA: Three Years Old

OMG it’s 2015. I’m sure we’ve all come to terms with this by now, but as this is the year our first baby will be born, it’s taking on a whole new “holy shit” factor for us. So in honour of starting the new year off with a big bang, I am thrilled to share… Read more »

New Year, New Job!

Not only is today the 4th night of Hanukkah, but it’s also my husband’s last day as a full-time staffer at the CBC after 9 years of dedicated civil service to public radio! [And not to trump that, but it is my mother-in-law‘s last day at the CBC after over 25 years of being there!… Read more »

The Best Grown-Up PARTY GAMES

My dear friend Erica recently told me that she had a grown-up dinner party and was looking for a game to play apr├ęs the meal, but when she searched the internet for ideas, there were only lame suggestions to be found. As an ex-camp counselor (well, once a camp counselor ALWAYS a camp counselor), I… Read more »

Chrismakkah Gift Guide

My favourite UK blogger had a brilliant post this week about her Christmas wish list being broken down into 4 parts: WANT, NEED, WEAR, READ (+ a chocolate orange – although if you are from this side of the pond I’d argue that should be a mandarin orange) So in honour of her, and her… Read more »