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Chicken Soup for the Grown-Up Soul {Recipe}

Last Friday Chris and I had a hot double date with some pals, and I made soup. Sounds kind of boring for company right? But oh no, it was a serious party in a pot. Our friend Ross (who you may remember from this cool video) lost his shit over how flavourful the soup was…. Read more »

3 Stunning Photo Series That Will Make Your Ovaries Scream

I’m thrilled to share that many dear friends have been popping out babies lately (like this baby boy, this precious girl, and this teeny guy out in Halifax!). Nothing makes me happier than seeing friends become parents, and all the joy and love that comes with it. Suffice to say, with all the insane babe… Read more »

The future according to HER

Have you seen the movie HER yet? If not, I recommend that you do, because it’s a wonderful film (And I KNOW films ever since I returned from SUNDANCE). HER is unpredictable, imaginative, FUNNY, and best of all? It has serious style. Set in the not-so-distant future, HER paints a world where technology has the… Read more »

Thank You 2013! (aka POP LAURENTHOLOGY)

Daniel Kim’s mash-ups of pop songs at the end of the year (known as Pop Danthology) is one of my favourite guilty pleasures, and so as an homage to Daniel Kim (a Vancouverite!) I decided to do a very short, “laurenized” mash-up of some of this year’s best moments of laughs, surprises, tears, and most… Read more »

3 British TV shows you should watch right now

It’s no secret – I am obsessed with TV. I happen to also work in TV so I play it off like watching so many shows is for my job, but in all honesty, I simply love investing in characters. And if there is any culture who really understands brilliant, riveting TV shows (AND the… Read more »

Catch phrases you will need for the digital age

I fondly remember banners in middle school of catch phrases hung in our classroom to help us understand the world a little better (like this one, or this classic, or my personal favourite). But lately, I am finding myself using NEW catch phrases to understand and describe this brave new world we live in: the… Read more »

Apply For Things!

As a grown-up no longer in school, I’m very out of practice when it comes to writing essays, taking tests, and applying for scholarships (even the thought of doing any of those assignments scares the shit out of me). But the crazy thing is, there are opportunities adults can apply for that are being neglected,… Read more »

3 Things I’ve learned as an Adbusting-Jewish-Wife

HAPPY BUY NOTHING DAY+HANUKKAH+BIRTHDAY TO MY MAN!¬† Let me explain. For 5 years I worked at Adbusters magazine, the organization responsible for the anti-black friday campaign¬†Buy Nothing Day. I’m also Jewish, and the festival of lights is now in full swing. And last but not least, 31 years ago today, my husband was born. SO,… Read more »

The best natural remedy for a headache is a good cuddle

[My adorable niece and nephew know how to give incredible healing hugs] Happy Friday! Chris and I are off to Seattle to witness one of our previously mentioned all-time favourite radio shows, RadioLab, perform a live show, but before we head to America I wanted to share this quick and amazing fact: Back in 2010,… Read more »