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The HUSTLA Series: Katie Robinson of Three Feet Below

{The Hustla Series highlights the amazing people who are taking their careers into their own hands and killing it. It is important to note that the purpose of sharing these stories is not so we can imitate their paths (because we all know that’s impossible), but instead hopes to serve as a source of inspiration… Read more »

A burglar, a beauty, and a box of wine…

{Photo by Marcus Jolly} Just a quick report to say all went well with the Grown-Up Party box of wine halloween costume, and a special big shout out to my brother Colin (who you may remember from our Amazing Race Canada video), who masterfully turned it into a PARTNERS costume by being my wine bladder… Read more »

Fall Things

I’m not sure if my memory is simply terrible or my brain puts up a mental block when it comes to the weather of seasons past, but I do NOT remember Vancouver being so gorgeous last October. I remember the sunshine of August being glorious, and the rain of November being pure hell, but in… Read more »

This is the correct way to say NO

Alright this might sound kind of landmark-ish, but research has shown that there is a “right” way to say NO. To summarize the article for you, researchers did some experiments (yay science!), and discovered that people who say “no” with the phrasing “I don’t” are more likely to stick to their decision compared to people who use the language… Read more »

Family Vows

Some dear friends of ours recently got married, and just when we all thought we had made it through the ceremony relatively unscathed by tears, the couple went ahead and pushed us far beyond the edge with FAMILY VOWS. After saying vows to each other, the groom turned to his bride’s daughter and vowed to… Read more »

Podcast Party

So with my new job, comes a new commute. And sadly, I no longer get to walk an hour with my husband to and from work, therefore I am on the hunt for more quality PODCASTS. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always had my weekly hit of This American Life in my schedule, as well… Read more »

3 things to do when starting a new job

{The infamous Adbusters bathroom. Out of the five years I worked there, I was pretty scared to use this throne for the first 2 years.} I am starting a new job today! I am gutted to leave my current job, but a wonderful opportunity has come my way and I have to take it (although… Read more »

Carrying The Banner

[youtube=] If you were a kid in the 90s, you most likely believe one thing to be true: Christian Bale’s greatest performance in a film is as Jack Kelly in the Disney musical NEWSIES. [And if you are unfamiliar with Newsies it is based on the true story of newspaper boys in the 1890s when… Read more »

Ode to the King of Summer

Happy Labour Day! Let’s face it Labour Day is awesome because we are not at work, but it never fails to be bittersweet. It’s usually filled with a healthy dose of BBQ and beers, but also marks “back to school” (I don’t care how old or grown up you are, September will ALWAYS be back… Read more »