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The HUSTLA Series: Brent Hodge

{The Hustla Series highlights the amazing people who are taking their careers into their own hands and killing it. It is important to note that the purpose of sharing these stories is not so we can imitate their paths (because we all know that’s impossible), but instead hopes to serve as a source of inspiration… Read more »

Grown-Up {SLUMBER} Party

Last night, I had a grown-up slumber party with a very dear friend. There were of course many differences in a slumber party as an adult versus as a kid. As a grown-up we made a big homemade Indian meal for dinner and drank lots of wine instead of binging on pizza and pop. We… Read more »

Become less-self centered and kinder.

Below are two incredible authors, that gave two seriously incredible commencement speeches. And honestly I wish these speeches were given to me in in person, right now. As someone in their late twenties contemplating what “success”, “happiness” and “career” all mean , I think these speeches share a very important message to always bear in… Read more »

San Francisco: What’s new?

I am flying to San Francisco today! For anyone that knows me, this is not a surprise. I fly to San Francisco A LOT. Mainly to hang out with these crazies: And when my auntie duties of non-stop playing are fulfilled, I end up like this: Usually I only go for a few days and… Read more »

REmemorable Series: Magic Lake, Pender Island

If you are looking for an experience to REMEMBER, like really, really remember as the most perfect summer moment that feels like sunshine and summertime and happiness was created solely for you and your friends, then hop on a ferry and get yourself to Pender Island, BC right now. Then drive to the fire station,… Read more »

Some Inspiration for All Y’all

I’m currently researching something exciting for the next installment of Property Virgins, so while that is in the works I wanted to take this beautiful sunny Friday afternoon to share some things that have inspired me lately to become a better human: 1. If you haven’t seen the documentary Chasing Ice yet, please go do… Read more »

REmemorable Series: BOAT PARTY

[vimeo w=622&h=350] A few months ago I pledged to go on more adventures in order to REMEMBER my life. So when a gang of a few dear friends wanted to do something out of the ordinary, but couldn’t get away from normal life for more than a day, we decided this could only mean… Read more »