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ITALY Advice?

In exactly 29 days, my man and I are fulfilling a life long dream and heading to Italy for the ENTIRE MONTH OF MAY. One may call it a honeymoon, but I’m calling it SPRING BREAK FOR MARRIED PEOPLE. And I’m not writing this to rub it in, I’m actually hoping to solicit recommendations and/or… Read more »

The Most Beautiful Thing In All The World

[vimeo w=500&h=281] My husband, Chris Kelly, is too amazing for words. He made this tiny film, Home Sweet Home, about our recent adventures in Joshua Tree and Palm Springs. Oh and we do not really own that airstream trailer, but you never know…

Personal Board of Advisers

This week I had coffee with the incredibly lovely and infectious Arpen Thandi, and in the middle of a particularly awesome, riled-up conversation she casually mentioned something about her “personal board of advisers“. I then followed it up with a “wait whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? Do you have a board of advisers for your LIFE?”. Which she then… Read more »

Elliot The Poet

[vimeo w=500&h=331] My nephew Elliot is truly insane and brilliant, which I’m pretty sure makes him the perfect artist. In this video he is 4 years old, but now he is the ripe old age of 5. I made this short film in his honour when I was first teaching myself how to edit… Read more »

iPhone cases are the new tattoos.

This week I said goodbye to my iphone 3GS where the the apps ceased to work anymore, and said hello to an iphone 5. As exciting as the thinner, basically-the-same phone is (except the incredible new camera which is basically why I bought it), the real excitement now lies in choosing a CASE. I know… Read more »

That’s My Jam (of the week)!

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /] Monday night I saw the totally bodacious Darwin Deez in Vancouver (I can use those kind of words here because in between songs Darwin Deez broke into choreographed 90s dances with his band – it was truly radical). And now I can’t stop listening to this song,… Read more »

Let’s DO THIS Canada!

[youtube] I know this will not help our chances at all of getting picked for the actual race, but I’m putting it out into the universe: My brother Colin and I have applied to be on the AMAZING RACE CANADA. The video above explains why we think we are worthy of such an experience,… Read more »

It’s time for the word VIRAL to adapt or die.

I think the time has come to either put a moratorium on the word VIRAL, or make a definition that actually has a REAL NUMBER and parameters attached with it. Because currently, it’s a shit show. Last week someone tried to tell me they successfully launched a viral ad campaign. When I tracked down the… Read more »

The REmemorable Series: Day Hike

As mentioned in this post and in an attempt to have more positive experiences in our lives that we will REMEMBER, Chris and I ventured to the West Vancouver mountains for a hike! I was so hungover I thought I may die at any moment, but today was the sixth month mark of our marriedness… Read more »

House Cooling

My dear friends Ross and Grace had a brilliant idea this past weekend: A House Cooling party. They will be moving out of their apartment at the end of the month, and to commemorate the great times we’ve had at their pad (which we lovingly call “the west end speak easy”) they had one last… Read more »