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The biggest lesson I learned in 2015

Ohhhhhhhhhh man 2015. I had the absolute greatest moment of my life (THIS), and one or two moments that might take the cake as the worst of my life (that I am not fully ready to share on the internet, but hopefully one day). Becoming a parent this year has taught me countless lessons. To… Read more »

It’s the best time of year again … A GOOD BOOK DRIVE!

It’s November, which means it is my FAVOURITE time of year – and not because of American Thanksgiving or Movember. November means it is A GOOD BOOK DRIVE! AGBD asks everyone to donate a new kids book you think every child should read. There are book drop locations across Vancouver (and Brooklyn!) for you to… Read more »

A Short Film About My Dad

My dad, Lew, is full of amazing stories. He was born in Italy in a displaced persons camp. He sold the first personal computer in Canada. He used to own a nail polish company (that I “modeled” for – evidence below!). He plays hockey three times a week (even though he turns 70 years old… Read more »

An Ode to My Mother-in-Law

Hollywood gives mother-in-laws a bad rap. They are always wretched and horrible, and the truth is, my mother-in-law is absolutely amazing. Not only did she raise 4 wonderful kids (which now that I have ONE child seems extra impressive to me!), but she is currently running to be an MP (member of parliament for my… Read more »

How to Hang Out with Parents

A few weeks ago Grown-Up Party’s editor-at-large, Lizzy, said “we want to know how to hang out with you!” See Lizzy does not currently have a baby, and is one of those amazing people that is happy to switch up how we hang out, to make sure we do hang out. I can’t tell you… Read more »

Boss Mom

Baby G is 4 months old today and I can officially say that we no longer have a newborn. She isn’t the tiniest baby at the coffee shop anymore. She cries because she’s bored, not just instinctively for hunger. And she laughs when I sing Broadway tunes to her. I am loving every second of… Read more »

The Secret Anniversary Envelopes

Chris and I just celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary, and one of the most exciting parts (besides jumping off a pier in Basin Head, PEI as seen above), is that we got to OPEN AN ANNIVERSARY ENVELOPE! Let me explain. At our wedding, Chris’s wonderful Gram had the brilliant idea to put a blank… Read more »

This is the “Mom Class” We All Need

When Chris went back to work I started going to a bunch of “mom classes” and events to fill the days. Most have been about sleep (every parents FAVOURITE thing to obsess over), but topics also include baby nutrition, child development, etc. There are always one or two good take-aways, but I often walk away… Read more »