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Boss Mom

Baby G is 4 months old today and I can officially say that we no longer have a newborn. She isn’t the tiniest baby at the coffee shop anymore. She cries because she’s bored, not just instinctively for hunger. And she laughs when I sing Broadway tunes to her. I am loving every second of… Read more »

Motherhood: Month 2

I am a little over 10 weeks into this motherhood thing and I still don’t know much, but I can say without a doubt that life changes every day. And there are three big things that I have come to realize in the past few weeks that I wish I had understood earlier, so I… Read more »

Paradigm Shift

If my first week of motherhood could be summed up by “ALL THE FEELINGS“, then the first month has been the following two words: Paradigm shift (or as Chris calls it, the “parentdigm shift”). Of course the first month was also filled with poop, heart-exploding love, spit up, staring at our baby for hours just… Read more »

Birth Day

3 weeks ago I gave birth to our baby girl. I love birth stories, and have looked forward to sharing mine, although I wanted to wait to share it until I could get through it without choking up. [That took a few weeks,  and once I was able to get through it without being a… Read more »


I still can’t believe the day is here that I am writing this blog post, but I am bursting at the seams with joy to share the news that I have a darling daughter, Miss Georgia Louise Kelly! There are a million things I want to write and I so badly wish I was a… Read more »

The best reason to have a baby shower

Me and my baby are already super spoiled. I was thrown not one – but TWO – baby showers. One was in my hometown of San Francisco and put on by my beautiful sisters and one-of-my-mothers Joan, and the second was held in my now-hometown of Vancouver and put on by dear friends. And although… Read more »

Mentally preparing for labour!

PREGGO UPDATE! I am currently 6 weeks away from my due date. On one hand that feels like a million years, but on the other hand I seriously feel like the baby could come at any moment. Which really means that my mind has shifted from the blissed-out-zen-state-of-being I felt in 2nd trimester, to my… Read more »