Getting married doesn’t make you a grown-up

This past summer I got married. I had been with my man for almost ten years, and it was about time. Not that I expected to feel like a different person after the big day, but I did assume that if anything is going to make me feel like an adult, it would be the age old tradition of matrimony.

HOWEVER, lo and behold, getting married actually has made me feel younger. When I introduce Chris as my husband, people think I am joking. When I say I’m a “mrs.” people think I’m lying.

I really don’t mind the feeling, it’s probably better than feeling MUCH older the second you take the plunge to only sleep with one person for the rest of your life, but I just want to put the warning out there for others.

If you are getting married solely for your Grown-Up points, you may end up disappointed. If you are getting married because you are madly in love with your partner for over a decade and want to share that joy with your friends and family in the most extraordinary week of your lives on the beaches of Prince Edward Island like I did – then by all means go freaking get married!

[All photos by the insanely talented Marcus Jolly]

Are they really going to let this kid down the aisle?


They did. After hours of dressing me up and getting me faaaaancy.


And then I partied my ass off.