Can You Really Bring Sexy Back(pack)?


I have reached a place in my life where I need an ADULT BACKPACK.

Because I walk to work for an hour each way I need something that is comfortable on my back and evenly distributes the weight, and since I bring my laptop to work I can’t just carry a small purse (seriously no messenger bag or cute purse will cut it).

However, it is hard to feel like an adult when you are rocking a MEC backpack. Do I blow my load and get the world’s most expensive backpack, or do I play it safe and get the $65 pack that will do just as good of a job?

What says “I am walking to WORK as a very professional woman in Television” and not “I am running late to a CLASS I’ll probably sleep through anyways”? Is it even possible to wear a backpack and look like a sexy, sophisticated adult? And so begins the great adult backpack debate.

1. Will Leather Goods Oaxacan Bag – $375

2. Old Faithful – $230

3. Makr Farm Rucksack – $160

4. Everlane – $65