iPhone cases are the new tattoos.


This week I said goodbye to my iphone 3GS where the the apps ceased to work anymore, and said hello to an iphone 5.

As exciting as the thinner, basically-the-same phone is (except the incredible new camera which is basically why I bought it), the real excitement now lies in choosing a CASE.

I know the decision is not as serious or long-lasting as choosing a tattoo, but for the amount that we look at/cradle/are glued to our phones – it bears the same questions of a tattoo: What does this style say about me, and am I going to get sick of staring at it?

I feel like a PATTERN is the safest option, while WORDS I’ll most likely get bored with the fastest. Knowing me, I’ll go with a LANDSCAPE, but always wish that I had chosen Blake from Workaholics.

Society6 has about a million options and I just lots 3 hours of my life going through all of them [see gallery above]. Or for a local, Vancouver-based funky iphone case, check out this awesome Etsy store Field Trip. Any opinions or recommendations? What style says I’m super cool AND a grown-up?!