ITALY Advice?


In exactly 29 days, my man and I are fulfilling a life long dream and heading to Italy for the ENTIRE MONTH OF MAY. One may call it a honeymoon, but I’m calling it SPRING BREAK FOR MARRIED PEOPLE.

And I’m not writing this to rub it in, I’m actually hoping to solicit recommendations and/or tips for things we should do if this ends up being our only trip to Italy we take in our entire lives (Oh god I pray it is not). I could have written on facebook “Hey interweb friends, tips for Italy, GO!”, but I figure you get back what you put out into the world, so if I put a little more effort into this solicitation request hopefully I’ll get a little more love in return.

SO, here is my sincerest plea for you to share your secrets and must-dos for Italy with us! And to help your kind efforts, above is a rough visualization of our itinerary, and accompanied with following thoughts:

1. Embody Gwyneth Paltrow’s style from The Talented Mr. Ripley. (This is actually mandatory for BEFORE we leave, and I am currently working on my packing wish-list).

2. First stop: VENICE. Most importantly find the spot where my father was born, and second most important moment is visit the library from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. [Homebase is THIS Airbnb.]

3. Hit up Harry’s Bar. Famous boozeyness, don’t want to miss it.

4. Slip on the sunnies and flee to the beach.

5. Cinque Terre for four nights. [Homebase is THIS Airbnb.]

6. Rent a car in Florence and then spend the next four days exploring Tuscany.

7. There will be olives.

8. There will be copious amounts of wine. Especially Chianti.

9. There will always be pizza and pasta.

10. End up in Pompeii. Be humbled and thankful we don’t live next to an active volcano. MAYBE make it to Amalfi Coast if possible.

11. ROME: Hang with the Pope, coliseum, SOCCER GAME, Mercato Monti, history, art, and 100% romance.

We are still somewhat flexible with this game plan so if there is something we can NOT miss, please let us know! And any restaurants, bars, BEACHES, all-night dance clubs, gelato spots, fountains to make wishes in, stoops to sit on, vintage markets, or bottles of wine we must consume that you can think of and pass along are SO APPRECIATED!