I wouldn’t say my family and I are “jokesters” in any way, but oddly enough, in the past few years we have become a bit obsessed with surprise visits. I think it’s because we simultaneously like making people happy, and cry.

My sister laid a big one on me at my university grad by flying out from California to Nova Scotia for the big day. Another time me and my man planned a halloween surprise for the family, when he then pulled an Inception move and did a surprise within a surprise by proposing at the airport the moment we landed.

But this past Friday I took it to the next level. I surprised my sister in PUBLIC. To put the surprise in context she had been having a rough week with potty training her two-year-old toddler (you may recognize her as the Cutest Baby Alive), and my sister was on her wits end and the verge of tears following two potty accidents when I proceeded to appear in the drink aisle of a fancy grocery store by her house.

After hysterical crying, shock, and hugs, my sister said there was nothing in that moment of defeat from potty training that would have made her feel better, EXCEPT SEEING ME. It really is one of the most amazing feelings to give someone you love more than anything in the world the one thing they want in that moment.

And even better…I caught the surprise on camera:


Have you ever nailed a surprise!? Please tell me! Nothing warms my heart like a good surprise story.