Goals for the summer (of Lauren!)

HOLY SHIT the sunshine, long nights and crowded patios are telling me it is summer, and I am currently working HALF TIME. And although working 25 hours instead of 50 hours a week may strain my bank account, this precious thing called TIME is hugely appreciated and will not be wasted. And as tempting as it is to lay at the beach for every spare minute I am not sitting at my desk, I am in fact very motivated to take LIFE, and this summer, by the balls! Remember the SUMMER OF GEORGE? Well get ready for it, I proclaim this the SUMMER OF LAUREN (and feel free to throw your name into that mix too!).

Here are my goals I hope to accomplish this summer (of Lauren):

1. Complete 1 SHORT Documentary film (no longer than 10 mins).
{Now I just need to find the right story to tell! Suggestions welcome!}

2. Cook/bake one new recipe a week that is a “favourite” recipe of someone I admire
{Coming up this week is an insanely delicious granola from The Compost Cook – the perfect swavory treat (sweet + savory term coined by miss Kristina Matisic)}.

3. Read inspiring books by entrepreneurs and “Women of Power”
{I am currently reading Lean In on the kindle, am in line for Blog, Inc. at the library, and plan to borrow 168 Hours: You Have More Time Thank You Think from my pal Lizzy when she finishes it. Any other suggestions?}

4. Start playing soccer again
{Last September I broke my foot in a game and I have yet to fully recover. That changes NOW. Mind over body.}

5. Do 3 blog posts a week
{This is going to be a serious leap from my once-a-week schedule!}

6. Go camping at least 3 times
{Already scheduled to go to Pender Island for this awesome musical happening.}

7. Become comfortable and confident on my bike
{Many years ago I had a bike accident. I have biked since, but not really fully gotten back on the horse.}

8. Reunite my 90s-rap-cover-band GRANNY PANTIES
{The second half of Granny Panties, Lizzy Karp, will have to get on board if a reunion show is going to happen.}

9. Pay my time forward.
{I am available to help people fulfill their creative endeavors with my woman hours (brain power and/or muscles), as well as I plan to help coach some ten year old girls in soccer.}

{This is almost becoming disgraceful, however we have NOT hit the one-year mark yet so there is still time to right the wrong!}

Feel strongly about anything else I should add to this list? Let me know! Also what are your goals this summer? Fingers crossed it is “picnic with Lauren every week”.


This is the original GRANNY PANTIES performance…moments before it got super crazy. [photo by Christine McAvoy]