Pop-Up Shop (aka letting strangers into my apartment for a day!)

A few weekends ago I happily allowed my dear friend Courtney take over my apartment to launch her new brand, A Life Aesthetic.

The launch was on a big street festival called Car Free Day, and my apartment happens to be right on the main drag with street access.

The big event was on Sunday, so on Saturday Courtney came over while I was out of the house all day hosting a baby shower and Chris was in Toronto for work. And honestly, it was like being on a home makeover TV show! She spent all day completely rearranging our space, and BAM when I came home at midnight there was the big reveal! (minus the tv cameras or any awkward tears).

Since there is no show on “Extreme Home Pop-Up Shop Makeovers” (yet!), I thought I’d share the transformation with you here (plus who doesn’t love checking out other people’s homes?). And last but not least, a giant congratulations to Courtney for bringing her new baby (A Life Aesthetic) into the world, and really do check it out, because it’s awesome.

A Life Aesthetic’s ETSY SHOP: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ALifeAesthetic

To keep up-to-date on all things A Life Aesthetic (and for more photos and stories of the launch): http://alifeaestheticandco.tumblr.com/


IMG_0106 IMG_0107 IMG_0633

AFTER [All photos by the truly fantastic, Marcus Jolly]:


Welcoming strangers into my home!

The talented Chris Leitch.

The talented Chris Leitch.


My desk transformed.


Our bookcase beautifully wrapped.


The new centrepiece of the room.


Boojees: perfect for a stylish lady who likes to bike and doesn’t want to be flashing her panties.


Totes! Totes: A handmade bag made out of original Canadian money sacks.


Encouraging people on the street to POP-UP!

The lady of the hour, miss Courtney Furlotte, is on the far left. Congrats again Court!

The lady of the hour, miss Courtney Furlotte, is on the far left. Congrats again Court!