REmemorable Series: Magic Lake, Pender Island

If you are looking for an experience to REMEMBER, like really, really remember as the most perfect summer moment that feels like sunshine and summertime and happiness was created solely for you and your friends, then hop on a ferry and get yourself to Pender Island, BC right now.

Then drive to the fire station, take a left, and then another left down Pirate’s Road. Drive till to the end of the lake and pull into a gravel parking area and you will hit the one and only, MAGIC LAKE.

It’s so magical you might think that time will stand still and you’ll get to live as a KING OF SUMMER forever.

[All photos taken by the insanely talented and lovely Shannyn Higgins. And next year do yourself a favour and do NOT miss the Southern Gulf Island Music Tour put on by sultry songstress Jenn Bojm]

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