San Francisco: What’s new?

I am flying to San Francisco today! For anyone that knows me, this is not a surprise. I fly to San Francisco A LOT. Mainly to hang out with these crazies:


And when my auntie duties of non-stop playing are fulfilled, I end up like this:


Usually I only go for a few days and they are spent either playing or passed out, but this visit I will be in the city for 10 whole days, and I think it is about time that I experienced something NEW in the city I grew up in (well technically I grew up in Marin but just ignore that fact). Just like I wrote about life beginning to blend together if we don’t have new experiences, I worry that is happening with my SF trips.

So this visit it is time I SPICE IT UP. My goal is to do 3 THINGS I have never done before in the Bay Area. Here is what I have planned:

1. Anchor Steam Brewery Tour – I have drank a lot of Anchor Steam beers in my life, but never had the full experience (mainly because the tours are always booked over the holidays!).

2. Paddle boating on Lake Merritt – As a teen I didn’t venture to the East Bay much, so now that my BFF Chase lives there I’m hoping she can show me some new things. And I’m totally up for cheesy romantic ones!

3. Cooking class (maybe Wednesday August 7?)– Every time I come to SF I eat a shit ton of amazing food, but I rarely ever cook it! I think it’s high time I let the ultimate foodie city teach me something about cooking well and not just eating well.

And if you have any ideas, please let me know! This list of 3 things was ridiculously hard to come up with and I would happily throw in a hike I’ve never done, swimming at a secret awesome lake, or checking out a museum/art gallery/dance show that I had no idea existed.

PS. For those either wondering “what have you already done so I don’t recommend it?”, or “hey I’d like to know what is best to do while visiting the bay area”, here are just a few things on my MUST-DO WHEN VISITING SF list:

Giants game
– Walk a dog on ocean beach, crissy field, or golden gate park
Tartine’s bread budding
– Hikes in Marin: the headlands, Dipsea, Tennessee Valley
Coppola Winery
Alcatraz (seriously I think it is really cool)
– Food carts at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market
Angel Island (haven’t been in a long time but it was awesome in Kindergarten)
Stinson Beach
– Any street fair (or sausalito art festival)
– Restaurants: Nopalito, Papalote, Burma Superstar, Q, too many to name…
– Grab a drink at the Page