Ode to the King of Summer

Happy Labour Day!

Let’s face it Labour Day is awesome because we are not at work, but it never fails to be bittersweet. It’s usually filled with a healthy dose of BBQ and beers, but also marks “back to school” (I don’t care how old or grown up you are, September will ALWAYS be back to school month!).

But before we say goodbye to summer (although let’s be clear, the official end date of summer is not till September 21), I wanted to take a moment to appreciate the epicness of this summer.

Chris and I were fortunate to go to Italy, have a boat party, and countless other fun times, but I think the moments that really pushed this summer into UNFORGETTABLE territory is all the swims we had together.

So to pay proper homage to the oceans, lakes, hot springs and reservoirs that allowed us to grace them, and especially to my man who never fails to jump in them no matter how freezing cold they may be, I present this video. To my husband, thank you for being my king of summer, and to everyone out there, I hope you have had a summer full of swims and memories.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/73639101 w=622&h=350]

Ok we’re off to the beach to soak up the last remaining swims of the season!