Podcast Party

So with my new job, comes a new commute. And sadly, I no longer get to walk an hour with my husband to and from work, therefore I am on the hunt for more quality PODCASTS.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve always had my weekly hit of This American Life in my schedule, as well as the equally fantastic yet far more sporadic Radio Lab, but now that I’ve got an extra 2 hours of lonely walking everyday, I need MORE reliable radio programs to quench my on-demand-entertainment thirst.

Here’s what I have in my updated repertoire:

Ted Radio Hour – If you like TED talks, you will love this. Actually even if you don’t like TED talks I think you will still like this. I think EVERYONE will like this.


Here’s The Thing – Alec Baldwin is an extraordinary interviewer. I especially loved his latest with Christopher Columbus (to the point where I think I should email Chris Columbus and introduce myself because I already feel like I know him).


The Dinner Party Download – Gwyneth Paltrow turned me onto this (well GOOP, because obviously I’m not pals with Gwyn), and so far I’ve loved every episode. The hosts are charming but not annoying, and since they are based in L.A. they seem to get consistently amazing guests.


Love + Radio – It’s smart, and on the edgier side. And of course my brilliant husband turned me onto it.


And last but not least, for anyone out there in the webisphere looking for a podcast to make you laugh, listen to This is That. Whether you’re Canadian or not, It’s pure gold.


But more importantly I’d love to know your go-to podcasts right now! Let me know what I should be treating my ears to!