Family Vows

Some dear friends of ours recently got married, and just when we all thought we had made it through the ceremony relatively unscathed by tears, the couple went ahead and pushed us far beyond the edge with FAMILY VOWS.

After saying vows to each other, the groom turned to his bride’s daughter and vowed to love her always and “be the most awesome step-dad in the universe”. The bride then turned to the groom’s two children and also vowed to provide unconditional love and step-mother awesomeness.

It was truly the most original and unexpected moment in a ceremony I’ve ever seen, and to any other couples out there combining families, I wish you a celebration as full of love and joy as this:

Congrats again you wonderful Basco-Pratt familia!


[Photo credit: Chris Mortensen of Lucid Images ; Celebrant who helped perform and create the ceremony: Michele Davidson of Modern Celebrant]