REmemorable Series: BIRTHDAY SURPRISE!

Since this year my goal is to do things out of my normal routine in hopes of remembering life, that put quite a lot of pressure on my husband to deliver a memorable birthday present for my big 2-9.  And boy oh boy, did he nail it. He knows I love surprises, and he also knows how much I love TV and film. I love it so insanely much but am always saying to Chris how so many things that happen on TV and in movies obviously don’t happen in real life, and how I wish they did. SO, ENTER BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER:

On my actual birthday, I received this card. Lately I burned through the series Pretty Little Liars and I was always saying how no one leaves me cryptic messages!


Then this Tuesday, I showed up to the hotel, and was handed a key for room 1518. I’m always saying that on shows and in movies a girl receives a package with a dress in it for a fancy event before meeting her dream man there (House of Cards is my most recent example of this), and how I always think it’s so ridiculous that the dress fits her like a glove, but secretly how I wish it would happen to me. And BOOM … on the bed I found this (and for the record it fit me like a mother F*ing glove!):

photo 1

After getting in my dress, my man showed up with the largest piece of chocolate cake I’ve ever seen. And we indulged:

photo 2

Then after the dress is delivered and diamond necklace is put around the ladies neck, in a show or movie they usually head to the opera (or some equally fancy event). And what is a million times better than the opera or some stuffy gala? Being taken to the concert of my favourite album of 2013: Father John Misty!


[We were not this close! The photo on the left is from my talented pal Christine McAvoy, and the view we had is on the right. Even being a shortie in the back, the concert was absolutely amazing.]

So basically, the reason this present is so spectacular is because Chris turned what could have been a wonderful, but normal date, into making me feel like I was basically Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (minus the whole hooker thing, and a much more “Lauren-esque” dress). So men, women, romantics, and all those in long-term relationships take note! Small touches to slightly re-enact your partners favourite tv show or movie is a guaranteed slam dunk in the present department!