If you love books and kids, you will love A GOOD BOOK DRIVE

{Photo by Cory Ashworth of the gorgeous CBC radio host Lana Gay}

[UPDATE for 2014: This year’s recipients of the books is ONE TO ONE, and they have also expanded A Good Book Drive to Brooklyn now!]

In the wise words of Dr. Seuss, “Congratulations, today is your day!”

And for those of us that live in Vancouver, today is our day because it is the start of A Good Book Drive (well officially now it is  A Good Book Drive’s day)! A Good Book Drive is an annual campaign in Vancouver that aims to bring stories to a new generation of readers. How it works is for the entire month of November Vancouverites can purchase a new copy of their favorite kids’ book and drop it off at participating retailers around town, and the books will be donated to the Frontier College Waiting Room Literacy Pilot project. So think about what your all-time favourite book is from your childhood, that one that changed your life, made you who you are today, and you read a million and two times … and think about how good it will feel to pass that joy on to another kid.

For those sadly NOT in Vancouver, even if you don’t have an amazing program like A Good Book Drive in your city (although I hope you do!), you can also donate on A Good Book Drive’s website.

If you are drawing a blank on your favourite read as a kid, or just want to take a trip down memory lane, check out these 35 childhood books you may have forgotten about, or this list of 50 books every child should read.

Once you’ve chosen your favourite childhood book to donate, check out what it says about you!

And watch this video of A Good Book Drive in action that will make your heart grow 3 times in size: