The best natural remedy for a headache is a good cuddle

[My adorable niece and nephew know how to give incredible healing hugs]

Happy Friday!

Chris and I are off to Seattle to witness one of our previously mentioned all-time favourite radio shows, RadioLab, perform a live show, but before we head to America I wanted to share this quick and amazing fact:

Back in 2010, Stanford University doctor’s research showed that when patients who were experiencing headaches were given the oxytocin hormone (otherwise known as the cuddle or love hormone that is produced in the brain as well as the ovaries and testicles), 50% said the pain had halved, while 27% claimed their pain had disappeared altogether after four hours. Now oxytocin nasal sprays are not currently available on the market for headache treatment, but do you know what else produces it naturally in your body? CUDDLING. University of North Carolina experts suggest hugging for just 20 seconds boosts your level of oxytocin to such an extent that it could give you emotional and physiological benefits all day.

So if you happen to get a headache this weekend, or are feeling crappy just in general, find a lucky partner and get yourself a good squeeze! It may be just what the doctor ordered and its non-drowsy!