Wise words from a dad

{Me, my dad, and a pair of short shorts on the verge of him saying something brilliant.}

Dad’s have the best mottos. I don’t know where they learn these catch phrases, but every father develops a set and I think they are pretty freaking amazing. And with total bias, I think my dad has the best. Through his dad-isms he has taught me many of life’s most important lessons, and I am eternally grateful. And since yesterday was his birthday, I want to publically thank my father for his love, guidance and wise words. And for any new dad or future dad out there, I hope you are strategically building up your repertoire, and if you need any help to get you going, may I present to you, a selection of my favourites from the one and only, Lewis Bercovitch.

Lew Bercovitch’s Top 7 “Dad-isms”:

1. Save it for the stage
{Best for when your child is being over dramatic – this was told to me on a daily basis growing up.}

2. What does that have to do with the tea in China?
{I’ve never really gotten this one, but my dad always says it when I’m making a point that doesn’t actually relate to what he’s talking about.}

3. Bless your heart Darling
{This phrase is exponentially better than any thank you.}

4. Dad: Don’t BS me
Lauren (age 7): What does BS mean?
Dad: Back speaking.

5. Everyone needs a good cry once in awhile
{It takes a real man to teach that their is value, not weakness, in crying.}

6. If you fall down, SUCK IT UP
{This was predominantly used on the sports field, but I believe it can be applied anywhere.}

7. To each his own 
{Truly the motto my father taught me that I now live by and say at least once a day.}

Got a classic dad-ism from your pops? Are you a new dad and working on some fresh new dad-ism? Please share any and all dad-isms below!

{And one more time, happy birthday to this guy, holding his 3rd born – you are a pro dad!}