3 British TV shows you should watch right now

It’s no secret – I am obsessed with TV. I happen to also work in TV so I play it off like watching so many shows is for my job, but in all honesty, I simply love investing in characters. And if there is any culture who really understands brilliant, riveting TV shows (AND the busy schedules of adults who do not have the time to watch a billion episodes of one show) it’s the Brits. So if you are looking for something to watch over the Christmas holiday or to start 2014 off right, may I suggest my 3 favourite british shows discovered in 2013:

1. Peaky Blinders – This show is my newest obsession. Set in England 1919, this highly stylized gangster show based on a real mob family who sew razor blades into their caps (hence the title) is unexpected, clever and packs a serious punch in just 6 episodes. It’s compared to Boardwalk Empire, but personally I think it is far superior. There are british accents and Cillian Murphy – double SWOON! Weinstein bought it so it will be coming to North America soon, but be a step ahead of the game and watch it right now!

Peaky Blinders-2.jpg

2. Black Mirror – This is hands down the most haunting and thought-provoking television show I have ever watched. Each show is a stand-alone and is set in the “future”, but basically could be happening right now. Black mirror refers to the everyday screens we look at on our iphones and computers, and I guarantee after you watch one episode you will never look at technology the same.


3. Sherlock – I hope you already know about this modern day Sherlock, but if not, jump on the bandwagon right now and catch up because in January it returns to resolve a juicy cliffhanger!


Honourable mention: Top of the Lake РThis show is actually from New Zealand and is breathtaking both in story, and sweeping landscape shots. If you liked the Killing or Twin Peaks, I predict you will love Top of the Lake. (Also Elizabeth Moss is so good you will forget all about some copywriter named Peggy.)


What were your favourite TV shows of 2013? I’m always looking for new shows to fall in love with so please share!