Apply For Things!


As a grown-up no longer in school, I’m very out of practice when it comes to writing essays, taking tests, and applying for scholarships (even the thought of doing any of those assignments scares the shit out of me). But the crazy thing is, there are opportunities adults can apply for that are being neglected, wasted and missed every day!

For example, my musically-gifted husband recently won $10,000 from The Shore 104.3 as September’s Best of BC. And remember that time my bro and I applied for The Amazing Race Canada? And even if you aren’t artsy or have the burning desire to be on reality tv, there are programs like Imagine1Day’s Accelerator Fund that actually gives YOU money to execute an idea to raise money for charity. How nutso and awesome is that?

So the moral of this post is to take a few moments out of your day, scour the internet for opportunities that fit your interests, and take the plunge to apply for something.

Be like my pal Ross, graphic designer extraordinaire. He took the time (with the help of talented film-making friends) to apply for the Emerging Designer Competition in attempts of winning money to pursue his passion of making fonts. And now he has gone and made the short list (voted on by other really talented folks like Douglas Coupland!). If you know him, you already know he is brilliant and should vote for him to win the big cash money prize here. If you don’t know him, please watch this video, fall in love with his work, and then also vote for him!

[vimeo w=622&h=350]
Know of any super rad grants/scholarships/funds for grown-ups who are not in school? Share below!