3 Stunning Photo Series That Will Make Your Ovaries Scream

I’m thrilled to share that many dear friends have been popping out babies lately (like this baby boy, this precious girl, and this teeny guy out in Halifax!). Nothing makes me happier than seeing friends become parents, and all the joy and love that comes with it.

Suffice to say, with all the insane babe cuteness around me, I’m seriously baby crazy. Like actually crazy. I keep telling friends how I think pregnancy is the most beautiful thing of all time, and although I know I’m not ready for a baby quite yet, I wish I could just be pregnant and not have the baby pop out for 2 years. Friends that have actually been or are pregnant tell me that in reality I would not enjoy a 2 year pregnancy (especially if this is any indication of what it would be like), but for now, I’m keeping the dream alive.

So in honour of all the friends who are holding new babies, currently pregnant, trying to get preggers, or even dreaming about what that will look like one day, here are three photo series to celebrate baby-making in all it’s natural glory.

Hold on to your ovaries ladies.

A pregnancy bump beautifully documented by photographer Sophie Starzensk:




Sleeping with a pregnant belly beautifully documented by photographer Jana Romanova:




Mother’s with their one day old babies beautifully documented by photographer Jenny Lewis: