9 goals (and by goals I mean shenanigans) for Sundance


Movie star Shailene Woodley on the left, me on the right. We both have pretty big foreheads. Think I can fool someone?
{Photo credit of me: Marcus Jolly}

Tonight at 5 pm, I’m flying to the famed Sundance Fim Festival for my first time. I honestly have no idea of what to expect – especially since I’m not a movie star nor do I have a film in the festival – but that’s alright by me as I do not like to go into trips with expectations.

However, I do like to go in to experiences with a silly scavenger list of things I want to accomplish!

SO, here are 9 things I hope to do while at my first (of hopefully many) Sundance film festival:

#9: Be mistaken for a famous person. I’ve been told I vaguely resemble a less-hot Natalie Portman (we are both Jewish), or recently someone said I bear resemblance to teen star Shailene Woodley (photo comparison above). So basically I kind of look like girls with brown hair. But fingers crossed I punk someone and they ask for my autograph. BONUS POINTS if I make it into a trashy mag.

#8: See a film at SLAMDANCE. [This is already a shoe-in as I’ll be seeing a friend from New Brunswick’s documentary called ELLIOT.]

#7. See a “must-see” film. I’ve already got tickets to YOUNG ONES, so this one again is in the bag (however I’m eternally bummed I will not be one of the first to see THEY CAME TOGETHER).

#6. See a super weird film, not on anyone’s must-see list. Because this will probably be my only chance to ever see it!

#5. Become friends with a bartender at High West Whiskey (mainly because I’ll be back in August for a wedding and I want to get that shit on lock-down!)

#4. Pitch a random person a random movie idea.

#3. Go to the AIRBNB Haus. Because out of all the random corporate sponsored parties happening at Sundance, AIRBNB is definitely the company that “gets me” the most.

#2. Don’t be a douchebag (as Mark Duplass outlines here). I’m there to hang with friends and have a good time, not network.

#1. Meet Robert Redford (a girl can dream big, right?) and buy him a birthday shot for Sundance turning the big 3-0 (and if I’m feeling especially saucy, point out that Sundance and I were both “birthed” in the same year!).

I’ll report back on how much I actually accomplish, and if you are a Sundance vet and have any tips or tricks on how to rock Park City please share!