The future according to HER

Have you seen the movie HER yet? If not, I recommend that you do, because it’s a wonderful film (And I KNOW films ever since I returned from SUNDANCE). HER is unpredictable, imaginative, FUNNY, and best of all? It has serious style.

her-joaquin-phoenix-41-600x337 her-samantha-600x336 her-joaquin-phoenix-chris-pratt-600x337

Set in the not-so-distant future, HER paints a world where technology has the capability to replace human connection in our lives. So it’s basically like right now, but visually is filled with much warmer tones, as the cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema decided to eliminate the colour BLUE!

But since we can’t eliminate blue from our colour spectrum, here are other tips on how to live in the future that HER so beautifully created:


1. Geometric mobiles
2. Arcade Fire albums
3. High-waisted pants for men
4. High-collared shirts, pocket necessary
5. Safety Pin
6. Glasses by Warby Parker
7. Vintage deco cigarette lighter (which Spike Jonze has said the phone in the film was inspired by a vintage deco lighter found in a thrift shop in LA, so once you find one you’ll need to install a phone screen into the lighter. No biggie.)

To be honest the future according to HER doesn’t look much different than right now (besides the return of the flip phone), however if you REALLY want to see what the future is going to look like, read this.


[By the way, I recently returned from the FUTURE, as you can see from my Google glasses]