HEY LAAAAADIES (and gentlemen)!

Today is one ridiculously great day, and not only because our Canadian hockey teams are absolutely killing it in the 2014 Olympic games, but also because I am balls-to-the-walls excited to announce that Grown-Up Party is hosting our first ever dance class!

I have expressed my need for regular silly, sweaty dance parties before, but in addition to having one of those every few months, I also am finding that I pine to actually learn a dance.

I want to push my body, stretch my body, learn new moves with my body, and be in sync with other bodies. And from my countless conversations with friends and strangers about dancing, I strongly believe others want this too. But when our lives are filled to the brim with commitments, signing up for a regular dance class inevitably gets pushed to the side and ultimately forgotten about.

SO, this is where Grown-Up Party comes in. Saturday March 1 we are throwing a 2 hour dance class for Grown-Ups in Vancouver to learn a routine inspired by the queen of insanely powerful and hot dance moves herself, Ciara.

Basically … we are going to learn how to RIDE IT (but like a much more do-able version for beginner body-rollers):


There are only 30 spaces available in the class, so buy your ticket NOW! Seriously, don’t wait. The class is next Saturday, March 1 from 2 pm to 4 pm at 1000 Rivers Studio (Quebec + 4th)  and spots are filling up fast.

The sad thing about this dance class is that if you do not live in Vancouver you obviously cannot attend (I know my sister would be here in a heartbeat if she didn’t live in San Francisco). BUT, if this class is a big success, I hope to organize many more dance classes – including but not limited to – Fosse, contemporary (a la Mia Michaels), Michael Jackson tributes, and any other suggestions that get thrown my way.

So again, prevent yourself from BC-BAILING on this by purchasing your ticket now, and I hope to see you next Saturday on the d-floor!

ps. I know other dance classes exist in this city, but even the drop-in beginner classes can be intimidating. This class is purely for having a good time.