3 Grown-Up PARTIES

To be honest, “going out” isn’t really something I do anymore. I know how lame that sounds, and it’s not totally the truth, as I still enjoy being social, having a good laugh, and getting gross and sweaty from singing and dancing, I just find those opportunities are much fewer and far between for Grown-Ups (ie. NOT in da club).

But there are 3 events coming up in Vancouver in the next week that are EXACTLY the kind of event I love. These events give me a sense of community, make me laugh, take me out of my normal routine (ie. watching Netflix every night), and are worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. In fact, I really should pay more for the tickets as these events are exactly what I need to get me out of a lazy slump, remind me I am not 100 years old, and keep my city vibrant.

So without further ado, PLEASE please please check these events out. And if you can, buy a ticket and support them. I promise you will not regret it, and I will see you there!

SATURDAY MARCH 22: Rain City Chronicle‘s DAS LEXICON
If you have never experienced Vancouver’s storytelling night Rain City Chronicles, I can’t stress enough that you are missing out on one of life’s greatest gems. And the german-themed evening this Saturday night is extra special as it will come with a delicious bratwurst dinner by BESTIE. Storytelling and sausages! Does it get any better?  TICKETS HERE.

[Here is that time I told a super embarrassing story at Rain City Chronicles:]
[vimeo 29350142 w=500 h=331]

WEDNESDAY MARCH 26: Poetry Is Dead’s Humour Issue Variety Show
In case you don’t know, Vancouver is home to the world’s most culturally relevant and exciting poetry magazine: Poetry Is Dead (no bias, I just happen to be on the board). If you think poetry is boring and only for old people, I highly suggest you pick up an issue of Poetry Is Dead and enjoy being proven wrong. Or even better, COME TO THE VARIETY SHOW next Wednesday for a night of laughs, and you will get an entire year subscription to PID. TICKETS HERE.


SATURDAY MARCH 29: Lip Service
Ever since watching this Jimmy Fallon lip sync battle have you secretly been wanting to partake in a similar lip-sync-off? I know I have! Well some fine folks are throwing one and the raising funds for Imagine1Day, a local Vancouver charity creating global change through their education-focused work in Ethiopia. What more could you want in a night out than to sing, dance, heckle and support a good cause! TICKETS HERE.
[vimeo 89133731 w=622 h=350]

If you don’t live in Vancouver, I apologize for any jealousy caused by these seriously awesome events. However if these kind of events do not currently exist in your hometown, please take this as inspiration to throw your own Grown-Up Parties.