How to use your hands for something other than typing.

The workplace has changed drastically in the last 20 years (or so I am told). The majority of us now sit all day (which I’ve already explained you’re probably going to die from), but there is another bi-product of the information age worth addressing: most of us do not MAKE anything.

Sure I MAKE a lot of emails (seriously, I’m basically a professional emailer), or some friends make websites, social media campaigns, etc., but very few of us seem to make anything with our actual hands, that we can actually hold at the end of the day.

Therefore even after a 10-hour work day of getting lots done and ferociously typing away, I often feel I have accomplished nothing.

So what’s my advice to combat this feeling of un-fulfillment in work? TAKE A GROWN-UP CRAFT CLASS and learn how to make fimo beads. SERIOUSLY.

Last month I had the pleasure of attending my first Adult Craft Night at Collage Collage with some pals and it was better than I could have ever imagined. I was excited to hang with friends, be silly, and get back to my Camp roots of crafting, but the the most unforeseen benefit of the class is that I HAVE CONTINUED TO MAKE FIMO BEADS.

The weekend after the class I went out and bought a pack of sculpey for $3.00. Now when I get home and am feeling down, I roll that sculpy into a little ball, take out my sharpest knife, and make a rad geometric bead that I imagine would beautifully fit into the world of the movie HER. And you know what? I feel like I’ve really accomplished something, all while sitting on my butt and watching House of Cards.

Am I saying you need to become a fimo beader like me? No, but I do suggest finding some hobby you can do with your hands. And not one that involves outrageous investments in time or money, just something that you can easily make, hold in your hand, and then pawn off as presents to your friends for their birthdays.

So friends, watch out! I’m a little happier these days because I’M MAKING JEWELRY NOW, and you can definitely expect a fimo bead necklace for any gift-giving occasion. (And internet pals, if you want one of these necklaces, please email me and I will send you one for free as long as you cover the price of postage).

ps. Collage Collage has Adult Craft Nights the third Tuesday of every month. My class was the Polymer Clay Bead Making night, but I guarantee every single one of their classes will be amazing.


Here are some of my fimo creations at home! Just pop those puppies into the oven for 10 minutes and you are golden:

photo 2(3)

Oh and I’m starting to attempt these tiny pots: