9 goals for the Tribeca Film Festival


I know I’ve been sharing some big news lately (buying a mother f’ing house, this blog’s redesign, etc), but one of the most exciting things I’ve ever been a part of is being a producer on the documentary A Brony Tale, and we’ve got some seriously big news to share: The world premiere of our film is in 5 days at the Tribeca Film Festival! (and then the Canadian premiere is at the DOXA Film Festival in Vancouver May 11! BUY YOUR TICKET NOW!)

And another exciting thing: I am writing this blog post from New York. I am here for the week to make sure everything goes smoothly with press, the screening, the after-party, but also (and perhaps most importantly) to fully live up the experience of being a part of such a world class film festival.

Earlier this year when I went to Sundance, I made a silly list in hopes that it would hold me accountable to make the trip as memorable as possible. The list succeeded in its purpose, and I totally nailed it. So once again, I will publicly state my goals (and by goals I mean shenanigans) for the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival in hopes that if I put them out into the universe, they will all happen:

1. Meet Kevin Spacey and confess my love to him. This panel may be my best shot.

2. Go to Momofuku. For any avid reader of Lucky Peach, as I am, this is a must and VERY high up on my list.

3. Embody Diane Keaton in Annie Hall (of course), and therefore MY MOM. In my eyes, they are one and the same. PROOF HERE:

4. Meet a member of the New York City Ballet. I am going to a screening of Ballet 422, so I am feeling good about this one.

5. For every person that tells me they work in finance, tell them that I started Occupy Wall Street. (It’s not totally a lie).

6. See a “coming-of-age” film for people in their late 20s/early 30s. I think I’ve got this one in the bag with my tickets to Life Partners and About Alex.

7. Eat a sandwich from No. 7 Sub in Brooklyn. Seriously, it’s that good that it makes this list.

8. Make it into a trashy magazine wearing our official A Brony Tale UNICORN HEAD. (Even if it’s not me, I’ll say it was me).

9. Become friends with Robert DeNiro (to the point where I start referring to him as BOB). He publicly stated here he wants to see A Brony Tale, so this is pretty much a shoe-in.

If you have any other recommendations for living it up large in NYC or at #TFF2014 please let me know!