How to Make the Best Chocolate in the Universe {Recipe}

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I still remember when I got addicted. It was 2004 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I was walking down Quinpool Road to a party and my edgy, older friend Phil handed me something and said “HIT THIS“.

From the moment the 75% cocoa content hit my lips, I’ve been on the never-ending quest to get DARKER, deeper, richer chocolate.

I’ve tried it all. My gateway chocolate was Green & Blacks from the UK, and then I moved on to some artisinal bars like Tcho from San Francisco or Denman Island Chocolate here in BC, but I have now reached my chocolate climax with a homemade chocolate creation. I never would have imagined making your own chocolate would be a good idea or worthwhile, but if you are a chocolate fiend I guarantee the following info will change your life.

Courtney Furlotte, from A Life Aesthetic & Co (who you may remember took over my apartment awhile back to launch her brand), has shared the most mind-blowing recipe for chocolate. I know you are thinking why would I take the effort to make chocolate when I can just buy a really expensive bar, but it’s not only cheaper to make your own, it’s only 6 ingredients, easy, and the best f’ing chocolate in the universe.

So Happy Friday! May your weekend be filled with joy and lots of chocolate, because you know, dark chocolate is healthy.

PS. Courtney also has a great idea for marinating meats in Mason Jars you should check out, plus a recipe for the most legit lasagna.

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