LIFE SCHOOL: Buying a home class (with FREE BEER)

———————UPDATE: this class has been postponed till SEPTEMBER ———————–


For the last year I have been obsessed with demystefing the home buying process with my series PROPERTY VIRGINS. It all started with my first open house, led to some bad heartbreak after putting in an offer, and ultimately, we were lucky enough to buy a pretty bad-ass home.

And along the way, I did my best to share everything I had learned (FYI I think this golden nugget of wisdom is the most important take away from the whole experience). Many friends reached out and said it sparked their interest, but mostly it just sparked more questions for them (I get it, my explanations could be confusing!).

SO, Grown-Up Party has teamed up with amazing real estate agents Gabe Bandel & Associates, mortgage broker wizards from City Wide, and attorney Richard Bell (I’m biased – they are OUR real estate agent and mortgage broker) to give adults the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about buying a home … WHILE DRINKING FREE BEER. Here are the details for the first ever Grown-Up Party sponsored LIFE SCHOOL class:

When: Saturday July 12 from 3 pm – 5pm
Where: 33 Acres Brewery
What: House buying info session (15 minutes), Beer Tour/Drinking free beer with friends and finally getting to ask a professional all the insane questions you have about the Vancouver housing market (105 minutes)
Cost: FREE! There is no cost to you (and obviously no obligation), just a chance to ask some questions and drink delicious beer.

HOW: There is only a limited number of spots for the 33 Acres Brewery Tours, so be sure to register right now! To RSVP email

Last but not least, did I mention you will also get to go home with a FREE 33 ACRES GROWLER? LIFE SCHOOL is the bessssssssssst!

[All photos from 33 Acres stunner instagram]

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