Summer Anxiety

This is a serious first world problem, but at this time of year, I always get what I have come to call “summer anxiety”. I’m not talking about summer depression or SAD, instead I’m referring to that feeling you get after a long winter when it’s finally sunny outside, and you are convinced that if you don’t get out to the beach or park to soak up some of that vitamin D immediately, that the entire summer will go by and you will somehow have missed it.

So for anyone else that gets this bizarre form of anxiety, let me be the first to tell you, you are not alone.

And what have I found is the best way to combat it? Your first summer SWIM. Once you take that plunge, and you feel the thrill (and by thrill I mean FREEZING COLD) of summer, all the FOMO washes away. So for all the ladies and gents stuck in an office worried they are doomed to miss all the summer sunshine and shenanigans, tomorrow go find the closest body of water and jump into it! And let summer begin.

[Images above of our first ocean swim for summer 2014 by the beauty Grace Partridge on the heavenly Pasley Island. It will be hard to top last summer’s epic swims, but we will try our darnedest!]