A Brony Tale hits theatres tomorrow!

A Brony Tale, the hottest documentary on the wonderful world of bronies, is hitting theatres North America-wide tomorrow! This is no small feat, as independent documentaries do not commonly have a theatre release, but thanks to the incredible Morgan Spurlock, you can see A Brony Tale in all it’s friendship and magical glory on the big screen. So if you are in any of the fine cities below please go out and support it!

New York July 8, 2014 7 pm Sunshine Cinema Buy Tickets
Philadelphia July 8, 2014 7 pm Ritz 5 Buy Tickets
Boston July 8, 2014 7 pm Kendall Square Buy Tickets
Indianapolis July 8, 2014 7 pm Keystone Buy Tickets
St. Louis July 8, 2014 7 pm Tivoli Buy Tickets
Detroit July 8, 2014 7 pm Main Art Buy Tickets
Minneapolis July 8, 2014 7 pm Lagoon Buy Tickets
Seattle July 8, 2014 7 pm Harvard Exit Buy Tickets
San Diego July 8, 2014 7 pm Hillcrest Buy Tickets
Atlanta July 8, 2014 7 pm Midtown Art Buy Tickets
Baltimore July 8, 2014 7 pm Harbor East Buy Tickets
Denver July 8, 2014 7 pm Chez Artist Buy Tickets
San Francisco July 8, 2014 7 pm Clay Theatre Buy Tickets
Dallas July 8, 2014 7 pm The Magnolia Buy Tickets
Victoria, BC July 8, 2014 9 pm The Vic Theatre Buy Tickets
Calgary, AB July 8, 2014 7 pm The Globe Buy Tickets
Fairfax July 9, 2014 7pm Angelika Buy Tickets
Sacramento July 9, 2014 7pm Tower Buy Tickets
Honolulu July 9, 2014 7pm Kahala Buy Tickets
Bakersfield July 9, 2014 7pm Valley Plaza Buy Tickets
Manville NJ July 9, 2014 7pm Redding Buy Tickets
Portland, Oregon July 17, 2014 7 pm NW Film Center Buy Tickets
Tacoma July 22, 2014 2/7pm The Grand Cinema Buy Tickets

Grab a couple pals, put on your favourite pony shirt (or tights!), and get ready for the greatest film of all time (obviously I’m bias having worked on the film, but seriously, I promise it will not disappoint).


Photo by Marcus Jolly