Elliot: Six and a Half


When Chris and I go on vacation, we sometimes make videos together. I used to think that my all-time favourite kind of video to make with him was the gushy romantic genre where we talk about our vows or love, but I have come to realize that there is a type of video I cherish far, FAR more: Tiny films about our niece and nephews.

I could literally watch footage of them all day long. I am obsessed with their voices. And since we only see them every few months we see how drastically they change over time, so getting any footage of them makes it feel like a precious time capsule.

Therefore when we were home in San Francisco this summer Chris took it upon himself to interview our rambunctious brood, and I can’t wait to share all four videos with you. It might just be me (and my family) who love these videos as they are our little ones, but I think anyone who loves the wonder, innocence and hilarity of growing up will appreciate these videos.

We are kicking off this video series with our resident first grader, poet, and eldest of the clan. Without further ado, here is Elliot:

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/106197634 w=700&h=394]