VEGAS! (for people who could care less about gambling, shopping and da club)

I recently found myself in Vegas with my husband. I haven’t been there since I was 18, so I was ready to do it up right. Until I realized I am generally not a big fan of gambling, shopping, or the club (don’t get me wrong – I LOVE to dance, but I HATE waiting in line and/or paying to get in anywhere).

SO, if anyone is similar to me and finds themselves in Vegas NOT with a bachelor/bachelorette party but still wants to have a grand old time, here are my recommendations:

1. SAY YOU ARE JUST MARRIED AT THE FRONT DESK – if you are with a significant partner of any kind, tell them you are just married (and make sure to act the part – lots of kissing and joy), and they most likely will give you a room upgrade. I imagine it’s what winning the jackpot feels like.

2. GET THE CHEAPEST TICKETS YOU CAN TO A CIRQUE SHOW FOR A MONDAY NIGHT – Like New York, Vegas has a place you can get tickets for half off every day, and there is no line (which is amazing). When you are standing there and deciding if you should spring on that extra $30 each to not be in the nose bleed section, KEEP THIS ADVICE IN MIND. If you buy the cheapest seats in the balcony on a Monday night, they most likely WILL NOT FILL IT, so you will automatically get moved to the front and lower sections. We did this for Cirque Du Soleil’s Beatles LOVE, and then Chris CRIED it was so magical (and so much cheaper!).

photo 2

3. THE POOL – Prepare yourself with a stack of magazines or fun read to hit the pool for a solid half day or more. It’s so wonderfully hot, and spending a day in the water is a treat. Just keep in mind that music will be playing at the pool the entire time, so embrace it and bring light reads (NOT the moment to read Capital).

4. FREMONT EAST – Old Vegas has basically become a mini replica of The Strip (except with way more awesome neon signs), but Fremont East still seems to have some magic. Wander down it and you’ll end up at Container Park, which has some funk and is endearing.

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ps. Other side notes about Vegas: SMOKING inside casino’s is legal and top 40 music plays EVERYWHERE. If you are allergic to either of those things, consider this your warning.