My favourite part of a wedding.


Me and my best friend/sister-sent-by-god, Mary, on her wedding day this summer in the Yukon {photo by Marcus Jolly}

Wedding season is officially over for us, and this one was a magical doozy. From the Yukon to Lake Tahoe, Park City to Waikiki, and a few places in between, we witnessed quite a few vows, and tore up a LOT of dance floors.

And I’ve given my advice on weddings, what you should spend your energy (and money!) on and take extra care of, but at the end of the day, I always feel the same way. That no matter how pinteresty-worthy your decor is, or how shitty the weather turns out to be, or how many instagram photos go viral, it all comes down to THE PEOPLE.

When you get all your loved ones in one place, only amazing things happen. And it’s the hugs, with your eyes shut so hard and a smile of joy on your face, that capture everything I love about weddings.


Me and my big sister/idol, Lindsay, on my wedding day in the summer of 2012 in PEI {photo by Marcus Jolly}