Thoughts on the first trimester of Pregnancy

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Now that the cat is officially out of the bag, I can finally share these thoughts I had from the first few weeks of being pregnant! I found out I was preggo at around 5 weeks, and I can say before that I felt fine, but once I knew I’m not sure if I psyched myself out or these things naturally occurred, but here are some things I experienced:

#1. BREAST ENLARGEMENT: This actually happened BEFORE I officially knew I was pregnant, that in a matter of days, my chest grew exponentially. I thought I was either pregnant, or finally hitting puberty at age 30. If I was pregnant I had imagined this would happen over time, but it seemed to happen overnight, and was painful! So painful that I couldn’t even sleep on my stomach for a few weeks. The pain is no longer there – but they are still growing – and don’t show signs of slowing down!

#2. MORNING SICKNESS SHOULD BE RENAMED “THE BATTLE TO STAY FULL”: For the record, I have not thrown up, but also nauseousness has not been confined to the mornings. I realilzed that in my old life, I used to feel fine if I I happened to miss breakfast, or go 6 hours between lunch and dinner, regular things like that. Around my 6th week of pregnancy, I started to notice I was feeling nauseous all the time, and it was simply because once I got hungry, I felt sick. I had no idea pregnant women need to always be fully stocked with snacks and eat every two hours! This was news to me, and so started the battle to always stay full!

#3. HEALTHY SCHMEALTHY, JUST GIVE ME FOOD: I always imagined that the second I found out I was pregnant I would only put the healthiest food into my body. This did not happen. During “the battle to stay full” (see above), I just needed to eat ANYTHING. And if I was “losing the battle” (ie. already hungry and therefore nauseous), I sought out comfort good. Quinoa would not cut it.

Now that I am in the second trimester these things have all eased up a bit, but new and wonderful weird things are happening! I’ll keep you posted! And as we all know, every woman is different, so please share any thoughts/feelings/HUNGER you had during your first trimester of pregnancy! I love hearing every story.