Chrismakkah Gift Guide

My favourite UK blogger had a brilliant post this week about her Christmas wish list being broken down into 4 parts:

WANT, NEED, WEAR, READ (+ a chocolate orange – although if you are from this side of the pond I’d argue that should be a mandarin orange)

So in honour of her, and her cleverness, I present my own version of my Chrismakkah list:


1. Pint Club – sadly this is only available in the US, but a regular ice cream delivery is all I really want in life
2. Uppercase Magazine – a subscription is truly the gift that keeps giving, and this is a Canadian gem
3. Dreamy Duvet Cover – because the bed is where home really is
4. Rolled Triangle Pendant – just cuz.
5. BRUNCH dates – because before this babe comes out, I want to soak up as much brunch with pals as humanly possible


1. Sole Foods CSA membership – because we need to eat, WELL.
2. Wifi SD card – for those moments you take an amazing photo with your REAL camera and want to email or instagram it immediately
3. Baggu – a reausable bag that is tiny, yet stylish
4. Slippers – because my feet are cold when I get out of bed
5. S’well Bottle – because we all need to drink more water


1. Mara Kimono – because my husband hates when I wear a housecoat, but who could not love someone in THIS
2. Grown-Up Pajamas – because when it’s too cold to sleep naked, my current pajamas make me look like a scary hobo
3. Happy Camper Slouchy Pullover – Because I will always be a “camp person”
4. Jumpsuit – because I’m preggers and should take advantage of getting to wear whatever the F* I want!


1. Olive Kitteridge – About MAINE (a place near and dear to my heart), short stories for busy people who can’t commit to a 600 page novel, and recently turned into an HBO series!
2. The Best American Infographics – aka The Best bathroom read
3. Yes Please! – Amy Poehler. Need I say more?
4. Ready Player One – because my man and I love to read a good science fiction book out loud to each other
5. Keepers Cookbook – because really I need a recipe book that is all about weeknight recipes (fast), and someone’s favourite (the keepers!)

I hope these suggestions gett your gift-giving juices flowing! And for the record, I am often more of a fan of EXPERIENTIAL presents, but those are hard to put into a visual gift guide. I don’t think you can go wrong with any kind of date (with pals, family, or a significant other) – especially one that makes you try something new (and that is the most important thing in any relationship as proven here)!

[ps. Big ups to my Grown-Up Party sisters/partners-in-crime/Editors-at-Large Grace Partridge and Lizzy Karp for sending along wonderful suggestions for this list]