Life Lessons from Set

A couple weeks ago I was producing/shooting a web series in LA. A week-long shoot at any moment can be tiring, so doing it at 7 months pregnant (AND with a serious sinus cold) was almost bat-shit crazy. But luckily I was there with the best team in the world, and working with great people makes all the difference.

It’s been awhile in my day-job/real life of working in film/tv/web production that I’ve stepped away from my desk and been back on set, and I was reminded of a few life lessons I think can be applied to normal life that I wanted to share:

1. Never underestimate the power of a pump up song. This is ESPECIALLY true when it comes to any Taylor Swift jam. Even the toughest of men may feel re-energized by belting out Blank Space first thing in the morning (especially those named Brent Hodge).

2. SNACKS – Don’t forget they go a long way in keeping people happy.

3. Embrace people’s different approaches to work and/or life. Having team members that have different strengths and weaknesses is a million times better than the same strengths.

4. Collaborative efforts make for a better end product. Our team was constantly brainstorming ideas for shots, in fact, our insanely talented sound guy often came up with the best ideas.

5. Have a strong home base. Having a home, instead of a hotel room, to retreat to at the end of the day made a massive difference in our general happiness. Never forget that a lot of bonding happens while cooking and in a kitchen, especially when making home-made pizzas.

There ya go! Some work-inspired life lessons to put in your back pocket for a rainy day (especially that hot tip about SNACKS!). And if you are wondering what in the world we were filming, check out this trailer for our web series Cameron’s House Rules that we are thrilled to announce officially comes out on March 17 on the

And here are a few shots of the behind-the-scenes magic (photos by Chris Kelly):

Hodge iPhone

Director/Taylor Swift Superfan Brent Hodge



Set up for some beauty shots



The incredible DP duo of Josh and Joe – part 1



Saint Joe

The incredible DP duo of Josh and Joe – part 2




World’s best sound guy John (and his sexy eyes)




Me – the crazy preggo woman – on set