The best reason to have a baby shower


Me and my baby are already super spoiled. I was thrown not one – but TWO – baby showers.

One was in my hometown of San Francisco and put on by my beautiful sisters and one-of-my-mothers Joan, and the second was held in my now-hometown of Vancouver and put on by dear friends.

And although when most people think of baby showers they think of the SWAG and gear you get for your baby (which can be true, it is pretty amazing and helpful to get things you need), the best part by far was the insane amount of love I felt by all the people in my life. The fact that people straight up said “we love you and are here to help” is what has made me feel so ready for my baby to arrive. People promised to cook meals for us, do our laundry if I run out of clean underwear, hold the baby so I can shower, talk me through breast-feeding woes (and any ridiculous question I may have), and be there for all the seemingly unbearable lows, and all-too-brief highs.

So even if you have all the baby gear, or parties where you are the center of attention aren’t your thing, I highly suggest accepting a baby shower in your honour. The reassurance that you are far from alone in the whole “parenthood” thing is irreplaceable.

And if you are looking for some baby shower inspiration, here are some details and a few photos from both of mine that were different, and equally amazing (plus one very hilarious video):

SF Babe Shower

At the San Francisco shower they made me an incredible time capsule and I felt this theme of “time” permeate throughout the whole afternoon. As I sat around and looked at my best friend since I was 6, and her mother, in addition to my sisters, mother, childhood best friends, and friends’ parents who helped raise me, all sharing stories about when we were babies as I now prepare to have a baby, it held some beautiful (and hilarious) “full-circle” moments that I will never forget.


My mum and me



A photo that was put into the time capsule that one day my baby will get to make fun of me about. This is my best friend Chase and I eating cereal. In our pajamas. Like all kids love to do.



An afternoon surrounded by the women that have raised me – sisters, moms, and highschool friends that I got into way too much trouble with.


Vancouver Babe Shower

Many of my dearest pals in my Vancouver community I just met within the past few years, so they weren’t busting out any photos of my childhood to prepare me for parenthood, but instead they organized a Grown-Up Party style dance class to bust a move in! It was a total surprise for me,  and their enthusiasm and willingness learn a routine to Salt N’ Peppa’s “Push It” for my baby shower was absolutely amazing and reminded me why I love them all so much. It was hilarious, I couldn’t stop smiling, and a great way to “prepare for labour”. I guarantee when I’m going through contractions I’ll be doing this dance and thinking of all their support to get me through it!


I basically got to star in my own music video as a really preggo person.




This is a face of pure joy.




Once again our fearless dance teacher Brittney led the PERFECT dance class!

And here is a highlight video of the dance! ENJOY: