For my first-time father


My wise and inspiring pal Jill told me that after her son was born she expected to be overwhelmed by the love for her child, but what caught her off guard was the intense, deep love she felt for her husband.

And I couldn’t agree more. Nothing could prepare me for the love I feel for my husband when I see him with our baby girl. I know parenthood is infamously not easy on marriages, but at this point I am reveling in the incredible bond and intimacy our child gives us. Yes it has changed our dynamic, but the love is by no means less.

So in preparation for his FIRST Father’s Day, I want to share a few new and simple things that are making me fall more in love my partner every day:

1. Unexpected hugs – When I’m holding Georgia and bouncing her to try to calm her down, Chris will come up behind me and wrap us up in his arms. I can honestly say a hug has never felt so good.

2. “Dad Hour” – This is the golden hour of 7 am to 8 am where Chris takes our baby to go get a coffee so I can sleep for an extra hour. I literally don’t know if I’ve ever loved him more than when he gives me that precious gift of more sleep!

3. Wearing his emotions on his sleeve (or chest!) – Chris has always been communicative with his emotions, but now he is really wearing it all on his sleeve (this t-shirt proves my point). Whether he is telling me how much he loves Georgia, or how he thinks I’m a beautiful mamma, the littlest statements of love go a long way.

So to the father of my child let me be the first to say a very happy early first Father’s Day! You are already a pro. And to all the dad’s out there, thank you for all that you do and the love that you give.